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All'Hotel Europa Residence di Asiago Vi sentirete accolti e coccolati...
The Mosele family strongly wanted to create a precious gourmet corner, from traditional but refined cuisine. News of winter 2013, the Asiago Gourmet Stube is born from the desire to provide the most intransigent customers with a quality and innovative restaurant proposal, a sensory experience that you will not easily forget!
The name "Stube" is born from the idea of the elegant wood-burning stove that heats the entire environment: a room with only five tables, the refined atmosphere, the soft lighting, the typical mountain wooden furniture , and the candles that will warm your hearts ...
The warmth of the fire accompanies our customers in a culinary journey where the dishes of modern cuisine blend perfectly with the products of the territory, our Asiago Plateau.

Innovation, creativity and tradition
It is the perfect location for an ideal combination of elegant details and tasty proposals. The Stube Gourmet was inaugurated in 2013. It will be an experience that you won't forget!
The Hotel Europa Residence, the St. Hubertus Restaurant, The Stube Gourmet are mentioned in the Michelin Guide. The wine cellar, celebrates the territory in many ways. Every single detail will make your stay a unique experience at the Stube Gourmet in Asiago.
The Mosele Family has always given the guests a great selection of good quality etiquettes. Reservations are recommended. The Stube Gourmet will be available from Wednesday to Sunday for your special evenings (only at dinnertime). It will be an unforgettable experience right in the centre of Asiago.

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