• Soggiorno attivo vacanze culturali in altopiano di Asiago ossario sacrario militare
  • Vacanze culturali in altopiano di Asiago sacrario militare
  • Soggiorno escursioni percorsi con guide alpine grande guerra altopiano di Asiago
  • Vacanze culturali attive in altopiano di Asiago percorsi grande guerra

Cultural holidays on the High Plateau

A holiday in the plateau to get your fill of energy, culture and emotions

The High plateau of Asiago was one of the most important places during the First World War: many battles were fought here since the end of May 1916 with the arrival of the Austro Hungarian troops.

Asiago was seriously damaged and occupied by the Habsburg soldiers who sacked the village.

It was completely rebuilt when the war finished and, during the Fascism it was identified as one of the best solutions for one of the biggest Italian War Memorial Buildings connected to the First World War.

Many signs of this bloody period are still visible all around: trenches and forts are the symbols of what happened here.

All the paths and tracks are reported by the CAI association of Asiago and you can find naturalistic and historical routes deeply related to the First World War fought 100 years ago. Along these paths you'll have the opportunity to visit trenches, forts, churches and cemeteries built by our soldiers in the middle of the woods.

For example:

  • Monte Ortigara: the most cruel battles were fought here. All around you'll see all the signs left by the bombardments and the trenches.
  • Monte Zebio: following a path in nature you'll reach Crocetta Zebio: you'll walk through the Ialian trenches and you'll see the positions of the machine guns.
  • Monte Cengio: it was the “set” for many battles, with many visible signs. Many memorial celebrations take place here.
  • Forte Campolongo: it is a huge fort built overhanging the Val d'Astico
  • Bocchetta Portule with a variety of caves built during the War, used as positions for the cannons.  From Cima Portule, one of the highest picks of the High Plateau oF Asiago, you'll admire a wonderful panorama.
  • Forte Corbin with the overlooking view on the Val d'Astico
  • Monte Verena with a panoramic view towards Vezzena

In addition, it will be really interesting during your stay in the plateau, visit the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago in the locality Pennar, just minutes from the center of Asiago! Every day, even on weekends, meetings are organized for families with children, to raise awareness of the astronomical world.