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Stube Gourmet

Cari Clienti,
Stube Gourmet aprirà venerdì 5 luglio 2024.
Giorni di apertura: a cena dal giovedì alla domenica - Orario: dalle ore 19:30 alle ore 21:30.
Dal 7 al 25 agosto Stube Gourmet sarà aperta tutti i giorni dalle ore 19:30 alle ore 21:30.

Lo Staff Stube Gourmet

Stube Gourmet, a precious gourmet corner

The Mosele family's project to create a precious gourmet corner, with a refined atmosphere, a room with only five tables, wooden furniture, soft lighting, continues with determination and passion.
The culinary experience at the Stube Gourmet will lead the diner to the origins of the Asiago plateau, with depth and a sense of belonging.

Jgor and Achref will accompany you and guide you to discover the new dishes, combining them with sought-after wines selected from more than 800 labels.

Stube Gourmet is open from Wednesday to Sunday only in the evening starting at 19:30. Per prenotazioni clicca qui.