National event of cheeses and typical products on the Asiago plateau: Made in Malga 2022

For several years now, the city of Asiago has hosted the exhibition market of cheeses and mountain agricultural products called MADE IN MALGA.

This year the affected weekends are 2/4 September and 9/11 September 2022.

Two tasty weekends dedicated to the delicacies that only the mountains can offer.

Tastings, meetings, typical dinners, tasting evenings, banquets with products to be tasted throughout the historic center of the town.

On 2-3-4 September there will be the 6th edition of the International Exhibition of mountain wine and extreme viticulture at the same time.

On 9-10-11 September Asiago will simultaneously host the Grand Prix of mountain beers in the city of Asiago.

Let your palate and imagination tease you and you will discover the thousand tastes of mountain flavors.