All the ski slopes in the Asiago plateau

  •     COMPRENSORIO Verena 2000 - Roana
  •     The Verena 2000 ski area, between 1,655 and 2,020 meters above sea level, during the winter will allow you to ski with your family for a load of energy, sport and fun. Composed of 22 km of ski slopes for a total of 12 slopes.
  •     TERRITORY Val Formica
  •     Between 1,645 and 1,767 meters above sea level, the Val Formica ski area, recently renovated with a beautiful refuge, is ideal for enjoying intense days in the open air away from smog and traffic. With easy and suitable ski slopes for children, it is composed of 3 ski slopes.
  •     TOWN Kaberlaba - Asiago
  •     With very easy slopes and suitable for families with children, the small ski area Kaberlaba, is suitable for your days outdoors with skis on, near the center of Asiago.
  •     COMPRENSOR 2000 Melette - Gallio
  •     Valbella ski lifts of Gallio
  •     Maron 2000 ski lifts - Enego