Vacanze brevi ad Asiago per amanti dei percorsi in MTB

During your holiday, green week or weekend, in Asiago Plateau Seven Towns, you will have the opportunity to make excursions along routes of varying degrees of difficulty, from easy walks to undemanding trails and also suitable for families with children, walks up to the most difficult and strenuous, suitable for sports lovers in high altitude and adrenaline.

Whether the sports experts or are simple mountain lovers, come in Asiago plateau for a weekend or a relaxing holiday, along the many trails that run through our mountains you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful nature and unspoiled through dense woods , pastures and green valleys and breathe the pure air that characterizes them.

Here in Asiago really able to regenerate soul, body and mind for a truly beautiful in the mountains with friends and family.

Many routes on 'Plateau of Asiago also take you to discover amazing areas that contain within themselves all the beauty, nature and history of the plateau of Asiago.

And between a path and another, you can comfortably relax in Alpine huts, where you can enjoy a pleasant stop and taste the typical products of the Asiago Plateau, tasting of cheeses, dairy products, perfumes, flavors that will delight really your taste buds!

The Asiago plateau is also equipped with a splendid view and is one of the most elegant and the most suitable for summer and winter holiday destinations.

A romantic weekend, a short stay between mountain biking and hiking, a green week trails and pastures, a skiing holiday with skis on their feet with their families ... how much fun and how many vacation opportunities for a memorable stay in plateau of Asiago!

Together with your family, you can relax and entertain in comfort and the quiet, thanks to the untouched nature, the silence of the woods, to sport and relax...

The Asiago plateau territory, in addition to the natural beauty and pristine air, also offers places of great historical and cultural interest that were the backdrop to countless battles of the Great War, as the war cemeteries or the Military Memorial, and between all these areas you can spend days hiking or riding your mountain bike.

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