Vacanze culturali in altopiano

A holiday on the plateau to fill up with energy, culture and emotions

The Asiago Plateau was one of the most symbolic places of the Great War as it was the backdrop for numerous battles at the end of May 1916 with the Austro-Hungarian advance: Asiago was badly damaged and occupied by the Habsburg troops who they ransacked it. It was rebuilt at the end of the conflict and was chosen, during the fascist regime, to house one of the largest Italian military shrines dedicated to the Great War.

In the Asiago plateau there are many opportunities to enjoy a holiday of culture and art: you can visit for example the Military Memorial in the center of Asiago or the itineraries and places that were the background of the Great War.

Having experienced bloody and bloody moments during the First World War, the Asiago Plateau bears the signs of conflicts and battles that you can see during excursions between the various forts at high altitude and the mountains.

All the routes and excursions are well signposted from the local CAI and you can find both naturalistic and historical-cultural tracks that bear the signs of the Great War fought 100 years ago with trenches, fortifications, churches and cemeteries of soldiers in the middle of the mountains of 'Plateau.
We remember for example:

  •         Monte Ortigara where the most violent and exhausting battles were. Along the way you will see numerous trenches and the marks left by the bombing
  •         Monte Zebio where with a path in contact with nature you will arrive in Crocetta Zebio, where the Italian trenches and machine-gun positions are viable
  •         Monte Cengio which has been the scene of many battles and is now one of the areas with the most signs of the Great War, in fact the dead are also remembered here
  •         Forte Campolongo is an imposing fort built overlooking the Val d’Astico
  •         Bocchetta Portule with numerous caves excavated during the war, used as cannon emplacements. A wonderful panorama will take you to Cima Portule, one of the highest peaks of the Plateau
  •         Forte Corbin is the fort that overlooks the Val d’Astico below
  •         Monte Verena where from the fort you can enjoy a view that stretches as far as the Vezzena

Moreover, it will be really interesting during your stay in the plateau, to visit the Asiago Astronomical Observatory in Pennar, a few minutes from the center of Asiago! Every day, even on weekends, meetings are organized for families with children, to make the astronomical world known.