Soggiorno attivo ed escursioni

Active holiday and excursions

The High Plateau of Asiago is the ideal place for all those people who would like to spend a weekend with the family and children and offer many excursions with itineraries for everyone.

You can enter a world made of beauty, nature, that you could photograph non only with your camera, but also with your eyes and heart.

This is also a land that will give you the chance to know something more about the First World War. Many signs of this period are still visible: for example the trenches and the forts.

Mario Rigoni Stern is one of the most important and popular authors in Italy. He was strongly and deeply tied to the territory where he was born and lived. He was born in Asiago and he experienced the Second World War and with his books he wanted to narrate not only the war, but he wrote stories of the inhabitants of the High Plataeu, stories of nature, stories full of good values.

Walking around you can identify many places nominated in his books.

Click on the page dedicated to our special proposals and give yourself the chance of living a great experience on the High Plateau of Asiago.

Deers, roes, marmots and squirrels... during some walks in the wood it could be possible to  meet some of these animals.

You'll admire how wonderful is nature and all its creatures both in Summer and in winter.

After a cold but exciting winter that covers all the fields with infinitive white and sparkling snow, surrounded by amazing ski tracks, the High Plateau of Asiago desires new energy and light.

This is the right moment to start new adventures all around the High Plateau: it 's time t discover old sites, places of worship, taking a deep breath feeling the new season coming. It's springtime... it's time to feel good, it's time to fell better.