Excursions summer Asiago plateau - your active holiday in the mountains

The Asiago plateau is rich in routes and tracks for Nordic Walking and Trekking.

In fact, silence and quiet reign, the absence of dangers and the unevenness of the contents.

In close contact with nature, you will have the opportunity during your summer vacation on the Asiago plateau, to regenerate body and mind and enjoy intense days at high altitude!

In addition, we remind all guests of the Europa Residence Hotel in Asiago, the possibility to rent for free in the hotel, Nordic walking rackets and mountain bikes.

In the Asiago plateau, you will have the possibility to choose between simple and fascinating routes and itineraries, up to the most difficult, suitable for the most expert.

But surely there will be fun, wellness and relaxation once you reach the top of the summit, a 360 ° panorama that will fill your heart and eyes with the most rewarding emotions.

The paths and trails of trekking and Nordic walking allow you to venture into paths that date back to the most suggestive and secret valleys of the Asiago Plateau, in an environment where nature is still unspoilt and rich in history and traditions that always refer to the Great War . Our territory is in fact rich in trenches, forts and cemeteries that take us back to the history of our country.


  •     Centro Fondo Campolongo, Malga Mandrielle, Camporosà, Malga Trugole
  •     A quiet path, of medium length but without any difficulty and with minimal height difference with no uphill tear.
  •     Valmaron, Val Brutta, Val Bella
  •     A nice walk between Val Bella and the beautiful Val Brutta.
  •     Granezza, Partigiani path, Croisle, Caltrano bivouac
  •     An itinerary through woods and pastures on the Asiago plateau.
  •     Marcesina, CampoCavallo and Malga Buson
  •     Among the pastures of the plain of Marcesina and Campocavallo and the woods of Malga Buson.
  •     Marcesina and the Barricade through the peat bog of Marcesina
  •     Among the pastures of the plain of Marcesina the forests of Malga Buson and the Barricata refuge, retracing the tracks of the winter Nordic ski slopes.
  •     Campomuletto and Fiara
  •     Quiet walk through woods, clearings and pastures.
  •     Fontanella, Campo Rossignolo, Monte Corno, Val Granezza of Gallio
  •     Beautiful walk through woods, clearings, pastures and the vast horizon of the Venetian plain.
  •     Camporovere, former fort Interrotto, Austrian cemeteries of the Mosciagh
  •     The path is very simple. A few tens of meters from the church of Camporovere, towards Asiago, part of the road that goes up to the Interrupted.