Active holidays summer in Asiago Plateau

During your summer vacation in the mountains on the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni you will have the opportunity to experience wonderful days of walking, hiking and fun. The Asiago plateau offers many routes and itineraries for your Mountain Bike or Gravel outings of all levels of difficulty, for families with children, for experts and for beginners. The hotel reception will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy a wonderful experience. The following routes are designed to be mountain bike or gravel trails, but they can also be easily traveled on foot, for a simple and fun day in the mountains of the Asiago plateau.


  • Route Tresche Conca – Val Magnaboschi
  • Route Cesuna - Monte Cengio - Forte Corbin
  • Route Roana – Mandrielle – Posellaro Trugole
  • Route Asiago – Zebio – Forte Interrotto
  • Route Asiago – Osservatorio Astronomico
  • Route Campomulo - Marcesina - Piazzale Lozze
  • Route Asiago – Monte Ortigara
  • Route Asiago - Valbella - Valle Dei Ronchi - Monte Fior (la Città di Roccia)
  • Route Roana - Malga Quarti - Monte Verena - Forte Campolongo
  • Route Campomulo – Marcesina – Monte Lisser – Rifugio Barricata
  • Route Asiago – Scoglio Bianco – Cima Caldiera – Val Galmarara
  • Route Caltrano – vecchio Costo – Monte Cengio – Forte Corbin - Giro delle malghe
  • Route Campomulo – Barricata – Castelloni di San Marco
  • Route Giro delle Malghe: Asiago, Boscon, Val Magnaboschi, Monte Paù, Monte Corno.
  • Route Strada del Vecchio Trenino - Altopiano di Asiago