Asiago Golf Club: one of the most beautiful golf centre in the mountains in Europe

The High Plateau of Asiago  is also famous for the Golf Club, situated in the outskirts of the village and it is considered one of the most beautiful golf centre in the mountains in Europe.

The Centre was drawn by Peter Harradine, known for his experience mountain Golf Centre projects

Even if in a mountain area, all the golfers can play golf on a very smooth territory, in a perfect panoramic location with no big differences in altitude.

It was built in 1960 with 9 holes folowing the project of Mr. J. Harris.

It was completely renewed with 18 holes: new projects are coming up.

The ideal natural characteristics helped this successful work and the ecosystem was perfectly respected.

All the tourist who love playing golf can't miss the great chance of a holiday  at the Hotel Europa Residence playing Golf in Asiago. This sounds perfect for a holiday  in relax.

For our guest there will be a 25% discount for the Gree Fee.

The Asiago Golf Centre in wintertime

In winter, the Golf field of Asiago becomes a wonderful solution for cross country ski.

The contact with nature is immediate and spontaneous.

You'll enter the woods following the tracks for cross country ski: you'll enter a world made of silence and quiet.