Why should you choose the High Plateau of Asiago for a special holiday in nature?

The Asiago plateau is full of shelters and huts for a holiday marked by the traditions and relaxing rhythms of the area.
You can reach these typical buildings by immersing yourself in the paths of the towns of the plateau on foot or by bicycle, allowing yourself a day in close contact with the fauna and flora of the woods and meadows that surround the refuges and mountain huts.

If you are lucky you can meet a fawn that hops happily in search of food, the kestrel that flies in the blue sky, the footprints of an animal in the earth, some mushrooms or the flowers and berries typical of the high mountains.
In the malghe you can taste the delicacies produced on site, cheeses, meats and traditional local dishes and immortalize the grazing cows.

  • rifugio Malga Larici (mt. 1670): open in summertime (Jun-Sept)
  • Rifugio Val Formica (mt 1653): open both in summer and wintertime (for downhill ski)
  • Rifugio Granezza (mt. 1242) May-Oct
  • Rifugio Marcesina (mt. 1319) Jun-Oct and Dec-Apr
  • Rifugio Valmaron (mt 1400): open all year long except for May
  • Baita Monte Lisser (mt 1630): all year long
  • Rifugio Malga Campomulo (MT 1530):  in summertime and wintertime with cross country ski resort
  • Rifugio Adriana Malga Moline (mt 1740) from Nov-May; July-Sept
  • Rifugio Campomuletto (mt 1602) Campomuletto Gallio all year long
  • Rifugio Verenetta (mt1650) all year long
  • Rifugio Verena (mt 2019) with ski resort
  • Rifugio Campolong (mt 1551 )Campolongo – Rotzo
  • Baita Monte Corno (mt 1269) Lusiana – all year long
  • Rifugio Baita del Neff (mt1640) Vezzena/Lusiana