Why should you choose the High Plateau of Asiago for a special holiday in nature?

This territory is full of mountain shelters and alpine huts for a perfect stay in the mountains.

For many reasons you should choose Asiago escaping from the city confusion and traffic.

You'll find here amazing natural sceneries, nature all around, tasty local products, and you'll find the hospitality of the Mosele Family, in the middle of the fields, surrounded by the picks of the High Plateau (the Pre-Alps), you'll live an unforgettable emotion in every single moment: get photos and smile...this is the right time to feel good.

A list of all the shelters on the High Plateau. Special discounts for our guests:

  • rifugio Malga Larici (mt. 1670): open in summertime (Jun-Sept)
  • Rifugio Val Formica (mt 1653): open both in summer and wintertime (for downhill ski)
  • Rifugio Granezza (mt. 1242) May-Oct
  • Rifugio Marcesina (mt. 1319) Jun-Oct and Dec-Apr
  • Rifugio Valmaron (mt 1400): open all year long except for May
  • Baita Monte Lisser (mt 1630): all year long
  • Rifugio Malga Campomulo (MT 1530):  in summertime and wintertime with cross country ski resort
  • Rifugio Adriana Malga Moline (mt 1740) from Nov-May; July-Sept
  • Rifugio Campomuletto (mt 1602) Campomuletto Gallio all year long
  • Rifugio Verenetta (mt1650) all year long
  • Rifugio Verena (mt 2019) with ski resort
  • Rifugio Campolong (mt 1551 )Campolongo – Rotzo
  • Baita Monte Corno (mt 1269) Lusiana – all year long
  • Rifugio Baita del Neff (mt1640) Vezzena/Lusiana