Strafexpedition Rad - May to Asiago

Strafexpedition Rad - maggio ad Asiago

Strafexpedition Rad - May to Asiago

Moto memorial Plateau Asiago

Strafexpedition Rad 

The Strafexpedition Rad, dedicated to those who like to travel on two wheels, collects a large group of motorcycle enthusiasts loyal to our area.

This bike memorial was organized on a path themed plateau of Asiago: focused on the history and territory, to coincide with the commemoration of the centenary of the Great War, it has been specially devoted two days of paths, trails and visits in order to learn about the many aspects of the history, culture, nature and the Asiago plateau landscapes, as well as the gastronomic translation of Seven Towns territory.

There will be moments of fun and aggregation with musical band concerts.

Soul of the motorcycle rally will be in the day Saturday, May 14 Val Formica near the Refuge, and on Sunday the program will also develop in Asiago, and ends at the Shrine of Leiten Military. It is estimated that the event will bring important results in terms of numbers, which is why the organization has involved hoteliers and merchants, proposing to support the project.

The intention is to offer the participants will be staying in hotels or make purchases in stores, the facilities reserved for them, even creating an image of unity and collaboration in welcoming to bikers exterior exposure of sails and window stickers with the motorcycle rally logo.