"Asiago fairytale" - May 2016

"Asiago da fiaba" - maggio altopiano di Asiago

"Asiago fairytale" - May 2016

Elves, gnomes, fairies and wizards ... get ready to weekend "Asiago fairytale"!

Wizards, princes, elves, gnomes ... get ready to the magical world of fairytale weekend of 21 and 22 May and on 28 and 29 May!

Asiago dresses and magic comes to life with the most famous characters of fairy tales and fables with the event.

"Asiago from Fairy Tale. And if they were not just the usual fairy tales?"

For two days, young and old will feel transported by the magic in an enchanted atmosphere like that of Asiago plateau, recreated through various fairytale stations, each for each square of Asiago and each dedicated to a particular fairy tale.

Through the streets of the country, you can participate in interesting workshops, watch funny shows and play with the characters of the most beloved and well-known fairy tales.